Joanna Riquett


Experience Design

The way we gather matters and I like to think through each of the experiences I design so no details are left behind. All the guest has to do is show up and be open to being entertained, transformed, and/or educated. It’s up to you to make the most of the attention and the time you have with your guest, and I can help you with that.

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Curated Travel Experiences

I design intimate travel experiences for all kinds of groups, helping people better understand and enjoy a country, a city, a community, or a particular place by connecting to its history, culture, arts, food, and above all, its people. Retreats, vacations, conferences, business travel, friends or family travels, etc., I design travel experiences for all needs and budgets. I also co-host my own travels throughout the year.

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Intentional Gatherings

As author Priya Parker puts it: the way we gather matters. Gathering shapes the way we think, we spend our lives gathering, and yet, people spend little time thinking about how we gather. I design gatherings with intent where a message is spread, a meal is shared, friendships are forged, connections are built, and a sense of belonging is created. Putting thoughts into the final outcome and the goals for gathering, I help people, companies, organizations, and/or groups gather with purpose.

Event Design & Production

Creating temporary worlds to entertain, educate, escape and enjoy. I thrive the most in helping bring ideas into reality. From choosing the right partners and vendors, from food, music, art, or performances, I make sure the experience is highly curated from the beginning until the end, no details are left behind. The right production teams are assembled according to needs, location, budget, and objectives.

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After creating Hayo magazine for digital and print, we have won two awards as Best Niche/Special Interest Magazine. This has allowed me to help other brands bring to life their editorial dreams. Establishing a direct communication line with customers is crucial in today’s world, but this communication has to be as beneficial for the user as for the brand. Understanding how to talk to your audience and how to create stories that are meaningful for them is where I can help you. My favorite medium is print, but a good strategy should encompass all of them.