Joanna Riquett

Joanna Riquett

Experience Designer

I’ve focused on designing experiences that matter but it’s been a long way for me to get there. Below a brief story of how it happened.


“Traveling matters because it's hard to evolve when your surroundings never change and if you are looking to become a better human, you have to lose yourself in new surroundings in order to find another self.” – I wrote on the article Why Traveling Matters for the Huffington Post.

And as Pico Iyer wrote on his essay Why We Travel: "Travel is the best way we have of rescuing the humanity of places, and saving them from abstraction and ideology."

Places I’ve lived: Barranquilla, Cartagena, Buenos Aires, Auckland, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Mexico City. In that order.

Places I’ve lived: Barranquilla, Cartagena, Buenos Aires, Auckland, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Mexico City. In that order.



Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, and current resident of Mexico City, I'm a travel curator, experience designer and publisher of the digital and print coffee-table award-winning magazine Hayo that focuses on travel, arts, and culture. 

Over a course of 10 years, I’ve lived in many places. I started in Cartagena, then continued in Buenos Aires, briefly spent a season in Auckland (New Zealand), that was followed by Los Angeles, then Vancouver, and lately, Mexico City. I made the move to Mexico City not only because it’s a city that is experiencing an exciting blossoming but also to reconnect with my Latin roots.

After seeing how societies around the world are being transformed and how people are tending to close their doors to others, I started wondering how the work that I was already doing could make a more positive contribution to society. 

I realized that in my own experience, it was intentional gatherings and travel that showed me first hand that deep down, we are all the same. We live, we hurt, we rejoice, we bleed, we hope, we believe, we laugh, we cry... we are each other in other bodies. 

This is when I started organizing curated trips, to bring people to Latin America to meet their peers that just happen to speak another language or live a few thousand miles away, but ultimately they're also looking to thrive. 

I also love hosting people and I enjoy creating spaces to entertain and educate. I’ve hosted a number of dinners (mostly Shabbats) in places like Vancouver, Miami, New York, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Oaxaca, and Barranquilla. Each one of these events had been thought around a specific context and with its own goals, teams, and flavors. From creating a space for TED attendees to fundraising for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, I’ve loved thinking, curating, and producing these events together with the amazing teams we have assembled. 

I look forward to continue the work of bridging the gap between perception and reality that exists towards Latin American cultures and show the world how modern and forward-thinking Latinos are, but also how much we care about our culture, our traditions and our ancestors. 

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